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TLS Names Its First Vice President, Peggy Bessent

The Loyola School is pleased to announce that Peggy Bessent has been appointed vice president, a new position at the school.

Bessent, a long-time Baltimore educator, member of the TLS Board of Trustees and co-chair of the school’s education committee, is reporting to the Rev. William J. Watters S.J., the school’s president and founder. “I am deeply grateful that she accepted my invitation to take on this part-time role of vice president as a one-year assignment,” he said in announcing Bessent’s appointment.

“I am extremely excited to be part of the daily life of both the children and adults who spend their days here. I have always been dedicated to the mission and am proud to be a partner at a school that knows what it stands for and how it will shape the future,” Bessent said.  

In addition to working closely with Father Watters, she will also be involved with the faculty, staff and development team “to celebrate the commitment and achievements of our children, their families and all of us,” Watters said. “ She has a wide knowledge of who we are and what our hopes and expectations are.”

During her 32-year career at The Bryn Mawr School, Bessent was head of the Lower School and associate head of school. “I bring what I know from a long career . . . and my enthusiasm for preschool and elementary as one of the best and most important school experiences for children – and ours are no exception,” she said. “Every day, these young students are taught and nurtured by teachers wry Maho encourage them to be thinkers and collaborators.

“It has always been my desire to make a difference for Baltimore. As a life-long city resident and supporter, I see the children of The Loyola School as our future. Education is their path, and our school is the first stop on their journey.”

Bessent began her vice presidency on Jan. 4.

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