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Give the Gift of Education

Families Committed to TLSParent Engagement

About Our Parents

A key component of The Loyola School is required parent participation in the program, which involves paying administrative fees to support the cost of our program, volunteering at the school, and attending monthly parent education programs.

Parent engagement is essential to students’ higher academic achievement. Our teachers mentor parents and encourage them to participate actively in their children’s education.

Engaging with families in an inclusive and reciprocal way helps teachers understand a family’s culture and values, which then informs the development of culturally responsive learning experiences.

Family engagement often involves providing feedback on children’s progress and discussing how parents can sustain learning activities at home.

This can take many forms, including:

  • Regular parent-teacher conferences,
  • Frequent communications between teachers and families, and
  • Other events intended to build an inclusive community.

High-quality parent-teacher engagement activities help build trusting and positive relationships between teachers and families.

Parent Volunteers

Parents or grandparents are responsible for volunteering 20 hours per year.

Volunteer activities can include reading to a class, serving meals to the students, attending field trips, supporting the administrative tasks of the school, and representing the school at community events.

In addition to volunteering, every family is asked to contribute a monthly student fee and attend the Family Education sessions once a month.

“The TLS Parents Association is a refreshing addition to our school community. We are just getting started with about one-third of our parents active in the association. This group has lots of enthusiasm and great ideas to build community. In addition to communications, the association evolved from a need for more parent involvement.”

Ryan Harris
TLS Parents Association
Husband of TLS PreK-3 Teacher
Father of TLS first-grader and PreK-2 students

Parent Association

Involving more families in The Loyola School is the main job of the Parent Association.

“We want to create an environment where everyone feels supported,” said Ryan Harris, the association’s first president. “We want to make all parents feel they are included.”

With an alphabet of communication tools, a list of want-to-do events and infectious enthusiasm, the Parent Association hopes to interest all parents.