Schools will open on a two-hour delay, Wednesday, January 17.

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Give the Gift of Education

Enroll in The Loyola SchoolAdmissions & Enrollment

Application Process

Families living in Baltimore City interested in enrolling their child for the 2023-2024 school year should call the Main Office at 443-563-2589 to inquire about current openings.

For the 2024-2025 school year:

  • The application portal is currently open.
  • Once the application is complete, families are invited for an interview.
  • Elementary school applicants will be scheduled for admission testing on a Saturday.
Sam and Friends

The Loyola School believes that every child should have access to quality early learning and elementary opportunities.

Full scholarships are offered to all children who meet the eligibility requirements.


The family must meet the following criteria for acceptance to our program:

  • The family must be Baltimore City residents
  • The family must meet our income eligibility guidelines
  • The family must be willing to commit to all of our requirements, including:
    1. Adhere to all School policies and practices as outlined in the Family Handbook
    2. Apply for the Maryland child care scholarship program (Preschool only)
    3. Volunteer 10 hours at school each semester
    4. Attend Parent Workshops each month
    5. Attend Parent-Teacher conferences two times per year
    6. Contribute $40 per month as a student fee