Schools will open on a two-hour delay, Wednesday, January 17.

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Give the Gift of Education

In our 2s Program, we help your child adjust to a classroom setting, learn how to play with others and improve communication skills.

2 year olds play alongside other children and develop awareness of their feelings. They engage in conversation, understand questions, and answer them and learn to demonstrate active listening.

They increase vocabulary and recognize that symbols have meaning. They participate in imitative reading and show interest in concepts such as matching and sorting.

Our teachers focus on helping the 2 year olds increase self-awareness and self-regulation, improved use of coping skills, how to interact with peers and adults, and how to share feelings. They also will begin showing improved hand-eye coordination.


Often children are in their first school setting at two. Emphasis is on building community in the classroom, learning to play together and share classroom resources. Cooperation is emphasized as children learn through play.

Children gain independence as they learn self-care skills such as putting on a coat, washing hands, feeding themselves, and toilet training.

Classroom activities include Circle Time, singing, time at the playground, arts and crafts, and storytime.

Activities are organized around weekly and monthly high-interest themes and include pre-literacy and computational thinking skills in age-appropriate ways. Themes include topics like All About Me, Community Helpers, Gardening and Plants, and Sea Life.

prek 2 art project

Class Schedule

The child arrives and is greeted by the teacher at the door. Together, they walk to the classroom, where the child washes hands and is offered breakfast. After breakfast, the children gather for Circle Time. They sing their Good Morning song; learn about shapes, colors and the weather; and discuss the letter of the day. A is for apple!
8:50-9:00Bathroom Break/Washing Hands
9:25-9:40Writing Time/Handwriting Practice
9:40-10:00Circle Time/Movement Break
11:15-11:45Outdoor Playtime/Playground
11:45-12:00Bathroom Break/Washing Hands
12:30-3:00Nap Time
3:15-4:00Free Play/Reading/Dismissal

“I can barely get my child to wave goodbye to me at drop off—she is just too excited and happy to see her teachers and runs into the building every morning!”

PreK-2 Parent

playground fun on the slide

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