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Give the Gift of Education

Sponsor a Scholarship

Sponsor a Scholarship

Make a unique difference in the life of a child by sponsoring a scholarship

Research shows that the most important time to invest in a child’s education is during early childhood—and yet many children from low-income families don’t have access to quality early learning programs. 

Our sponsors’ investments over the course of a child’s three years in preschool or five years in elementary school make our model possible and forever change the lives of our students. They graduate on track for success in middle school and life.

Be a part of a child’s TLS journey

Sponsoring a scholarship is a deeply rewarding experience for the sponsor. Over the course of a student’s three years in preschool or five years in elementary school (by 2025), sponsors receive artwork, photographs and thank you cards that highlight our little learners’ many leaps and bounds.

Sponsors are regularly invited to visit the school to meet their students and attend special events. Many sponsors enjoy the experience so much that they choose to renew their commitment to a new student after their original child graduates.

Choose a scholarship level that suits your budget

Scholarships can be funded by individuals, families, businesses, community groups or foundations. Sponsors can fund an Ignatian Year-Round Scholarship individually at $15,000 per year, which covers our academic year and our summer program for a single child.

Or, you can choose from one of the scholarship levels outlined below—either individually or with your friends and family.

Scholarship Levels

Ignatian Year-Round Scholarship

$15,000 per year per child

Support a child with a year-round scholarship (September through August) as a single sponsor. Includes the Ignatian Academic-Year Scholarship ($12,500) and the Summer Program ($2,500).

Ignatian Academic-Year Scholarship

$12,500 per year per child

Support a child with an academic-year scholarship (September through June) as a single sponsor.

Shared Scholarship

$7,500 per year per child

Support a child with a year-round scholarship (September through August), shared* by two sponsors.

Trinity Scholarship

$5,000 per year per child

Support a child with a year-round scholarship (September through August), shared* by three sponsors.

Circle of Scholars

$15,000 per year per child, shared by three or more partners

A group of three or more individuals or family members jointly commit to support an Ignatian Year-Round scholarship at $15,000 for a single child. TLS will work closely with a “Team Lead” who coordinates the group of scholarship donors. Unlike our Shared and Trinity scholarship levels where TLS will match your partial scholarship with other sponsors, the Team Lead in a Circle of Scholars takes responsibility for securing the full $15,000 in commitments from friends, family or colleagues.

Sponsor a Class

$25,000 per year

While student scholarships fund the basic costs of our students’ education, they do not cover all our school’s operational needs. Your class sponsorship ensures that an entire classroom of children has access to high level academic support, enrichment activities, experiential learning opportunities and family resources.

Summer Scholarships

$2,500 per summer per child

Sponsor a child’s summer scholarship (July through August).

* For the shared year-round Shared Scholarship and Trinity Scholarships, you don’t need to identify the other sponsor(s) who will fund the other portion(s) of the scholarship—let us take care of that!

General Scholarship Fund

If you aren’t ready to make a scholarship commitment today, consider making a gift to the General Scholarship Fund.

While most of our children are funded by individual donors, several depend on our General Scholarship Fund. Your gift makes a Loyola School education possible and accessible to even more children.

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“We have a real love for Baltimore. It was an easy decision for us to be involved with helping children in Baltimore, giving them another educational option. We hope that other families consider doing what we’ve done in sponsoring a child or two at The Loyola School.”

Kelly and Dan Rizzo
Founders and Scholarship Donors of The Loyola School

Gifts made between now and Mother’s Day will be matched!