Schools will open on a two-hour delay, Wednesday, January 17.

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Give the Gift of Education

A TLS EducationElementary School

Our elementary school builds on the foundation established in preschool by providing high-quality education which incorporates the key ingredients to student success: access to early childhood programs, effective teachers, vigorous curriculum, and parent involvement.

The elementary school fosters students’ curiosity and creativity while developing skills of critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

By focusing on the whole child, Jesuit values inform every aspect of our school day, guiding students to experience how empathy and kindness can impact not only their lives, but also the lives of our community, and the world.

Beginning in kindergarten, a guided reading program authored by Fountas & Pinnell incorporates a print-rich environment of children’s literature and is the foundation for literacy development.

Children meet with their teachers in small, homogenous groups, and the goal is to build oral fluency, phonetic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, creative writing, and accuracy. The program is specifically designed for high-impact literacy.

For math, the Singapore Math Program, which guides children through a deep exploration of numbers, and a proficiency in one topic at a time, builds a strong computational and conceptual foundation.

The remainder of the program includes social studies, science, technology, music, religion, Spanish, and library, while still leaving time for the all-important play and exploration.

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“In elementary school, children’s excitement for learning finds traction through challenging experiences that meet them right where they are and gently push them forward. As active learners, they learn by doing, and in so doing, they begin to connect ideas. This allows for the natural development of abstract thinking and problem solving.”

Greta Rutstein

The kindergarten program provides children with a learning environment that focuses on learning, exploring, and being creative.

The first grade program ensures that students have a strong foundation in the core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Second grade helps students understand more complex concepts and begin to develop their own passions and interests.

The Loyola School is dedicated to helping families living in Baltimore City.

Applications for the 2024–2025 school year are now open.